Philippe Raspail

Philippe Raspail is a Digital Media Services expert. He is founder and president of Autura and TPENEWS TV – Web TV for TPE and SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises).
Philippe founded Autura to provide Digital Advisory Services and an affordable and adapted communication conduit for enterprise and companies of every size.
Philippe also created the Web TV platform TPENEWS TV to increase visibility for small enterprise. To consolidate his team of experts and accelerate the development of TPENEWS TV, Philippe recruited Lisa Bartolucci, communication agency founder and owner, and Pascal-Olivier Voisin crowd funding company founder and owner.
2016 marked Philippe’s meeting with Hubert Register. This gave way to their unique partnership to develop and expand the presence of SMWW (Sports Management World Wide) in the French market.
SMWW is an unequaled specialist and world leader in e-learning, training and teaching of Sport Business techniques, proven practices and principals, and sports career opportunities. Philippe and Hubert are excited about the opportunity their collaboration provides to professionals seeking to develop their business.