Jobs in Football Analytics Are in Demand. Do You Have The Necessary Skills?

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Learn football analyticsObserve a football franchise that struggles to win year after year and you can start to see patterns.

High turnover rate in leadership, a lack of trust between players and management, faulty player evaluations in the draft and free agency…the list goes on and on.

But what if there was a tool that could help with these aspects of an organization?

What if there was something that could help develop a consistent approach to decision making, rooted in data-based projections and a deep understanding of the root cause of winning?

There is. It’s called Football Analytics and we offer the only online course dedicated to this indemand skill.

« When we set out to create our Football Analytics course we knew that sports analytics was one of the true growth sectors of the sports industry, » says Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President of Sports Management Worldwide. « Our first goal was to hire the best possible mentors, and in hiring Aaron Schatz from Football Outsider and ESPN, and Mike Tanier, Lead NFL Writer for Bleacher Report we have two of the best minds behind the study of Football Analytics available to our students. »

The use of big data and analytics isn’t some passing fad destined to flame out like the Wildcat Offense. Analytics is built to last because it works, it isn’t a gimmick, it’s the future. Teams at all levels are improving their ability to evaluate players, make decisions on personnel and game plan by taking a fresh look at data.

« According to our research jobs in sports analytics are on the rise, more and more teams across all leagues are hiring staff focused on the analysis of big data because it directly correlates to winning both on the field and in the front office, » adds Dr. Lashbrook.

Right now there is the perfect mix of high demand and low supply when it comes to talented analytical minds, which means careers in sports analytics are in their boom cycle. This course will set the stage for you to enter the world of analytics by learning:
• Football player metrics
• What data is available and needed
• Using data and analytics to communicate with decision makers
• Typical analytical questions in player personnel issues
• Typical analytical questions in coaching issues

Take our 8-week online course in Football Analytics and you’ll be learning the skills that teams need and want.

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