A Success story

It's the story of a meeting of two visions and industries. Professional and Amateur athletics with Hubert Register II, and Business Consulting and Development with Philippe Raspail.

Hubert Register II, international professional basketball player, French Pro B league champion and finalist of the French cup, Business and Life Coach, founder and president of HFR Consulting.

Philippe Raspail, Digital and Media Services expert, founder and president of AUTURA and TPENEWS TV - Web TV for TPE and SME's (Small and Medium Enterprise).

Their meeting gave way to a partnership with objective of developing and expanding the presence of SMWW (Sports Management World Wide) within the French market.

SMWW is an unequalled specialist in e-learning, training and teaching for success in sports business careers.


The SMBG TEAM events : Conference & Camps

This collaboration proposes a unique offer, to:

    Find: a job in international Sports Business.

    Develop: Sports Business projects, partnerships & commercial activities.

    Build & Reinforce: Management Staff, Project Teams & Sports Organizations.

Another Way For

Athletes & Coaches
  • Our Win/Win Partnership objective is to accompany your sports’ project and your image.
  • Our communication and media team, creates, develops and broadcasts the content about your projects and skills, your values and courses.
  • Our management and sales team help you acquire sponsors that share your project’s core values.
Brands and Companies
  • Our Win/Win Brand image contract objective is to develop your visibility with our Athletes, from the perspective of the athlete.
  • Our communication and media team, creates, develops and broadcasts a new, more human Branding image around the athlete’s project, defining a more coherent relationship with the brands who share the athlete's vision, communication and development objectives.
Sponsors & Supporters
  • Our Win/Win Sponsorship objective is to share the Sports’ values with your company.
  • Our communication and media team, creates, develops and broadcasts not only your Brand image in associations with our Athletes, but also your team, marketing and communication goals, projects and values, with objective of growing up your business, and increase your market penetration.


FInd a job

Mark Warkeintien

New York Knicks Director of Player Personnel
SMWW: gives you access to skills employers need
Courses: differentiate your skill set from other candidates
Unparalleled Access: to mentors, professionals, teams & leagues

Business Development

Sports Is Business

SMWW has over 10,000 Alumini & Member Network
We: accompany you to help you reach your goal
We: guide you to success in the Sports Business industry
We: provide access to our international network of professionals

Build your Team

Team Work & Team Spirit

Manage your team like the leaders of Industry
Redefine: your management & development project
Increase: your management proficiency
Coaching: acquire techniques that get results

Find a Job in Sports

Passionate about sports?
Dreaming of a career in sports?
Our services improve your chances of finding a job in sports.
We accompany you throughout the training process that corresponds to your aspiration and industry of choice.
After our training experience, managed by one of the 30+ Sports Business coaches and mentors, you will be better equipped to find a job in Sports.
Todays' employer in Sports Business or the traditional business environment, require managers who possess the skill set our team of experts can provide.

Develop your Business in Sports

The market of Sports Business is attractive but not easily accessible. 
As an independent professional you will benefit from our services, achieving:
  • Increased Proficiency: accurate knowledge about the international industry of sports.
  • More Credibility: accelerate the development of your business, service or project.
  • As a Legal or Advisory Service professional, do you possess:
    • The legal expertise, but not the network?
    • The network, but not the credibility to develop your clientele?
Team Leaders & Managers: improve your productivity through access to Sports Business professionals, tried and trusted management techniques.
We accompany you throughout the entire process and during the deployment of your development project.
Our knowledge and expertise provides access to the SMWW network of over 10,000 members in 140+ countries around the globe. Direct access to leagues, teams, markets, and the athletes.

Reinforce your Team - Office - Club

Acquire modern management techniques:
  • We accompany you throughout the entire process: corporate entities and sports organizations.
  • Apply successful sports management techniques for better interpersonal relations.
  • The SMWW e-learning approach: flexible, adaptable, tested and approved by industry professionals and successful team managers.
Take a different approach to the management of your office and team.
Achieve your goals and objectives.
Build a true team atmosphere at the heart of your organization.




I chose to get up at 2am my time to participate in the live audio chats because they were so informative and I didn’t want to miss anything! This course is a huge advantage when it comes time to me moving my club forward. There is a lot of useful information when it comes to marketing. I definitely feel I now have an advantage to those who only play the sport. It’s a great tool for making contacts and connections to advance my career to the next level.

Ashley Palmer Thousand Oaks, CA

The Rugby Business Management Course is a must for any one who is involved in Rugby or is looking at pursuing a career in Rugby Administration. The personal attention and weekly audio chats were great and it created an open forum to compare, debate and analyze the game we love.

Mike Ablett The Sharks, Marketing Manager

I really enjoyed working with SMWW & the Sports Media & Communications course! The instructors, information, and support was a great combination for helping me learn!

Justin Frederickson Account Executive at San Jose Giants

Learning from sports industry professionals is priceless, the classes do not feel like school, they are fun and engaging. The weekly chats and discussion rooms allow you to meet and connect with like-minded students who share your passion. Nowhere else can you get access to the people working in sports than you can with SMWW.

Shereen Lavi S.I. Fansided Sports Page Writer

The Cricket Management Training course has been informative and very knowledgeable. I really enjoyed it. The information I have derived and the students I have met doing this course shall benefit my Cricket career greatly. I shall always recommend your course to my colleagues!

Carlton Bernardus

By having access to the CBA and learning what GM’s have to go through in order to make sure they are within the guidelines in the CBA. Being able to interveiw the Director of Hockey Operations for the Calgary Flames was a great experience.

Brent Coombs

I choose the SMWW Sport Revenue Management Course to enhance my experience while preparing to host my first Regional Event, the Caribbean Basketball Confederation Senior Men and Women Championships in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. This course enhanced my outreach to executives in the sports field. Most of all SRM helped me understand how to develop a strong media relationship to enhance events.

Dawn Crabbe-Herbert

SMWW and this class helped me find my dream job. I was leery of an online course because I had never taken one before, but SMWW has a fantastic group of professors and mentors that are available when you need them. It was very hands-on and easy to correspond and work with others involved in this course. The online discussions were helpful and each time very engaging. It gave me the opportunity to speak with the professors, and others involved in the course, ask advice and set weekly goals in order to track my progress. I would recommend SMWW to anyone who is sports-driven and has the desire to work in the sports industry. Thanks to SMWW I am now an Account Executive with the WNBA Houston Comets.

Mandy Love Walsh

The course was great, I especially liked listening to Ari’s web chats as he went through his display model, spread sheets, and all the tools he provided for us through AriBall. I’m planning on going to the Baseball Winter Meetings so I can spend some time with Ari Kaplan, Dan Evans, Larry D’Amato, and Dr. Lashbrook – I love what they’ve done with Sport Management Worldwide!

Kyle Stephany

I recently completed the SMWW football agent course which gave a great insight on the world of football representation. The materials and the learning was impeccable and the instructor did an excellent job explaining the materials and shedding lights on the blind spots. John Print is an expert on the subject matter and he will not hesitate to make himself available should you need extra tutoring. Lastly I was able to complete the FIFA Exam this past March 2010 and I could not have done it without the help of Sports Management Worldwide.

Thierno Diallo

I passed the Agent license exam this morning. Managed to get 15/20. It was really difficult this time and I’m over the moon at the moment. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I wouldn’t have managed to achieve this without the help of Sports Management Worldwide.

Jonne Lindblom

An excellent, well structured and run course. Not only provides students fundamental knowledge for exams, but also sheds invaluable insight into core areas of the football world, which will hopefully prepare you for the real world role.My aspirations from now on, is to sit the FA agents exam in September – hopefully pass! Then embark upon this enthralling profession, using all my gained experience to assist me in becoming the best agent I can be.

Duncan Maxim Head of Golf at MB Partners